Zompocalypse Now — 7 Days To Die Server

This is the info on how to get onto my gameserver for 7 Days To Die. The easiest way is to Connect to Server, click on the Modded Servers list (the lightbulb) and find it.

  • Name: Zompocalypse Now [MAP]
  • World Type: Random World Generated (RWG)
  • IP address:
  • Port: 11615
  • No Password
  • Currently 16 slots but will increase if needed
  • Version Alpha 15 (b105)

While it is a modded server, it is only XML files edited and prefabs so you do not need to down anything special to play (outside of owning the game, of course).

Quick things to know

  • The overall goal of the world is that individually the zombies are not a danger, collectively they can overwhelm you!
  • Zombies walk slow both day and night but I’ve increased the amount of zombie to compensate for this
  • No hornets; dogs and bears are extremely rare (basically only POI spawners)
  • Most of the data is visible in the image to the right


The world is twice as large as my last one but still 5x smaller than the default world. This gives plenty of room to still move around and hunt and scavenge while keeping the world small enough where you can actually bump into other survivors instead of feeling like you’re playing the single-player mode. Since it is a smaller world, I have greatly increased the amount of zombies (since the server has less world data to deal with). I believe the default is 70 and I have mine set to 120 so you’ll run into them a lot more.


Currently I am only using The Walking Dead Mod (v5) created by Chaosocks. You can read everything about it on the link but the overview is that carefully designed tweak of 7 Days to Die to play like a Walking Dead themed survival game, with as few tweaks as possible! Every single tweak added in this mod is done very deliberately to achieve a deliberate effect. As of now, the main changes this mod makes is adding in realistic head damage, removal of ‘special’ and ‘sexy’ zombies, melee weapon reach modified to make them usable, tweaks to the bedroll to make it less of an omnipotent portable self replicator, zombies no longer running at night, regardless of setting, and finally, guns are more abundant. Real, whole guns. Ammo is still rare.


I haven’t been able to confirm that all of these are in the world but I’ve run across most of them already so the vast majority is there, at least. These are the ones I have implemented outside of the prefabs that automatically come with RWG on Alpha 15:

… and then a few custom ones I made as well as a handful of others that are in the Compo-Pack for Random Gen.

If you have any questions or need help, just leave a comment below.