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To Rule An Empire

Instead of featuring my crazy ideas on here, put up an editorial by me entitled To Rule An Empire. Here’s a snippet:

In today’s online gaming market, player affiliations have become immensely popular. This is particularly true in the massively multiplayer online (MMO) gaming portion. I can remember back to the days when one of the first MMOs launched called Ultima Online was initially released. Players could purchase a “Guild Stone” and plant it in player-owned housing to form a guild, which is the most common term for a collection of players. With this Guild Stone, players could invite other players to join their guild, assign titles to each one, and declare war against other player-run guilds. That was almost ten years ago.

Today, MMOs are vastly more complex than their first generation forefathers. The graphics alone are light years ahead of what we had with the original Ultima Online and Meridian 59. Server architecture has advanced as well, allowing virtual worlds to allow more players to connect simultaneously. Even chat and communication systems have become more elaborate; allowing players to send private messages to each other, communicate globally with but a few keystrokes, and create their own custom channels.

You can check out the full article.