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This place is a mess

Yes, I know. I’m restoring for an old version back before my site was hacked as well as transitioning back to WordPress. Tried vBulletin and while I love it for the forum solution, just not sold on it as a blog or CMS without some major tweaks and time investments which would branch it… figured since this is more my “blahg”, no sense in spending that much time in it.

TL;DR – I’ll get the place cleaned up Soon(TM).

Vengeance Must Be Served

[imgright][/imgright]I can’t say I’m a hardcore comic book collector, because I’m not. But, while growing up, there were a few titles that I thoroughly enjoyed. I think it all started with the Uncanny X-Men 138 and then I added a few others over the years. I was always into the dark and anti-heroes so when I saw issue #5 of Ghost Rider (the Dan Ketch version), I was hooked. Granted, the title took some twists and turns over the years that I didn’t like… but I think most every comic goes through that.

When I saw there was a movie being made for it, I had a glimmer of hope. Some of the Marvel movies… well, sucked. But the latest ones seemed to be getting better and better. Then I learned Nicholas Cage was in it. And my hope went away. Not that I dislike him as an actor; I actually like quite a few of his movies. But Ghost Rider, whether the original Johnny Blaze or Dan Ketch version, was never a personality type that I’ve seen Cage successfully pull off. They are dark heroes with tortured souls and I just don’t think that type of character is in Cage’s repertoire. But, being the fan I am, I not only saw the movie, I bought it. And I’ll probably see the new one coming out today (with very low expectations).

But that isn’t what I’m writing about right now. In looking up the new movie, I saw that Gary Friedrich tried to sue Marvel for the first movie since he believed the rights to the character reverted back to him (and come one, someone should of sued Marvel over that movie!). Unfortunately, Gary was unsuccessful and Marvel counter-sued, demanding $17,000 in compensation for his sale of non-licensed merchandise at conventions. Marvel has agreed to drop the counter-suit if Gary pays the $17,000 and discontinues selling unlicensed Ghost Rider paraphernalia (or anything that financially profits him using the status as the character’s creator). My personal feelings is that it’s crap and Marvel should just drop the counter-suit. As much as I could pick apart the Ghost Rider movie, it grossed $237m at the box office worldwide. But business is what business does and this is nothing new.

There is a movement by fans to raise the money for Gary to pay this (he isn’t necessarily rolling in dough). Steven Niles, the writer of 30 Days of Night which was also turned into a movie, has set up a page for donations simply called “Donate to Gary Friedrich“. The page includes a letter from Gary and his wife about the feedback they have been receiving.

While I understand there are a lot of factors with something like this, if you were ever a fan of the comic, I recommend at least checking out the story below…

Read more about this at Forbes: As We Watch the Watchmen, Ghost Rider’s Creator Faces Ruin

Least I Could Do

I have found one of my new favorite webcomics: Least I Can Do. While it does have somewhat of a geeky vibe, it is unlike most of the other ones on my list and doesn’t directly relate to gaming. The primary theme of the strip is sexuality, especially the promiscuity of the primary character, Rayne Summers, a modern-day Casanova (thank you Wikipedia!). But, for the most part, its really funny and done by the same people who do Looking For Group (no relation to my website).

I’d recommend starting with issue #1 but note that the art style does change after a while. The content remains consistently great, though. So definitely check it out!

Speaking of webcomics, make sure you check out Zero Punctuation‘s latest video here.

Ashen On Vacation

Due to the fact that my last official work day was May 15th and the next one isn’t until June 1st, I decided to take advantage of the “free” time and I am out-of-state for a bit. I’ll be back soon but I doubt I’ll be checking the forums or my email or things much until I get back.

Game Angst

The following was written by HaemishM on his new site Game Angst:

– – – – – –

This is the end of something and the beginning of something quite like it.

I started writing for the “rant site” back in September of 2002, after a first abortive attempt to write something for that is probably better lost to the ravages of time. When Joe decided he didn’t want to be the “face of a community” with Waterthread, he offered me the site. I turned him down, for a number of reasons, the main one being I didn’t want that headache. I just wanted to write what I wanted to write and have somewhere to put it on the web without the hassles inherent in running my own site. When schild took over that community and transplanted it to, I came along. If none of that means anything to you, you probably started reading me there without any knowledge of my writing history. Ego would have me believe I’ve built up something of an audience, perhaps even a following. Game Angst is the experiment to provide the proof to that theorem.

At first, it was just an idea without even a name to give it form or function. I wanted a place to put things I write that may or may not ever fit with, things that may only have anything to do with games because the writer is an unabashed gamer. As an aspiring novelist, I came to the conclusion that self-promotion is going to be key to getting published, and getting published is a step to being paid to write instead of being paid to be a webmonkey. Self-promotion often leads to conflicts of interest, especially when the writer has to be just as concerned about promting the publishing entity. In short, my self-promotion wasn’t going to happen to my satisfaction at f13, and in the process might actually have begun to cause conflicts with f13’s agendas. There are other reasons beyond that, personal reasons that made me uncomfortable to continue writing for f13, but the main one is ego. I want to do something for me that grows to be something beyond me.

Game Angst is meant to be a site to promote my writings, about games, about movies, about anything I get enough of an idea about to commit to bits. It’s a playground for my mind, my little sandbox to tinker with. With every frat boy getting a MySpace and blogs springing up like cockroaches skittering from the kitchen light at midnight, it’s time to stake my own claim in the mindsphere. My goal is to spread long-winded commentary articles out amongst mostly daily ruminations within a few key areas of interest. The front page will be about gaming, with links to other sections like movies, television, politics, books, and any other media I get a hankering for. As I get the site built up, I’m going to have an archive of my old writings from and I’m particularly interested in looking back over my “Mature MMOG” series from the early days of Waterthread with an eye towards the changes that have taken place in the MMOG Medium since then.

Along the way will come some machinima created using The Movies, and maybe even some peeks at my fictional works, such as the novel I’m currently trying to get published, and some supporting fiction.

Eventually, there may be some openings for other writers to hitch their wagons to this site. If you’re interested, email me and we’ll see what happens.

There will be forums, of course. I’ve become rather attached to the idea of virtual communities banding together around the most inane shit possible, and wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of the joy of bashing my writing. There will be only one written rule in my forums . If I don’t like it or don’t want it, it shall not be done. Like I said, it’s my sandbox, not your litter box.

Anger is a gift. Angst is a calling.

I write this shit because this is what I feel compelled to write. Ego would have me believe my writing is useful or enjoyable to the people who read it, otherwise I’d just burn what I write. The source of my angst isn’t hatred. My angst is a palpable dissatisfaction with the details of individual games, but born out of a genuine passion for games. I love playing games, and I want them to not just be new, but new and improved. I love games, and I want new games to play, new games that build upon the foundation of the good games of the past, discarding the things that did not work in favor of better systems. It is an angst that is wholly symbolic of my belief in humanity itself. I truly believe that through the process of evolution, evolution of the mind, the emotion, the body and the produce of the human spirit, that we can better our individual and collective lives. In that context, the game angst is an existential angst, doomed to setbacks and disappointments, but also to genuine surprises.

And if that bit of academic-sounding mental masturbation didn’t completely drive you away, I also like dick and fart jokes too. I want to write seriously about games, but we should never lose sight of the fact that we are playing games with pixellated elf boobies.

Angst comes with a side of satire and a smile.

– – – – – –

So, check out his new site: Game Angst [Link Removed; No Longer Exists]. And if you somehow missed it, Sachant has a little blurb up on her site about her E3 Coverage [Link Removed; No Longer Exists].