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Zompocalypse Now, a 7 Days To Die gameserver

For a couple months, I’ve been playing the alpha of 7 Days To Die, and while the game is very much not finished, it is more fun than some gold master games I’ve played. What is it? I’ll probably do a write-up on it later but the quick and dirty is if you took The Walking Dead and made a Minecraft-esque survival game, you’d get 7DTD. More on that later.

One of the things I’ve been playing around with is worldbuilding. It has a random world generator that I used to create a game using the seed ‘World War Z’. That said, I’ve done a bit of customization. For example, the default world is 10,000 radius, mine is 1,000. The reason being, for something that only has generally less than 50 players on at a time, you don’t need something that big.

I’ve also added a handful of prefabs, most made by the community but a few by myself. For example, it includes:

  • The Walking Dead prison (by Laz Man)
  • Sewer & Subway system (by Slaan)
  • Mayan Pyramid (by Curbolt)
  • Stonehenge (by magoli)
  • Abandoned freight train (by Horst)
  • Baseball field (by Curmudgeon)
  • Pawn shop (by magoli)

Anywho, I figure I’ll redo it when Alpha 15 comes out (but after its stable), but, in the meanwhile, if you want to jump on, you can do so via the Zompocalypse Now page on Envul. I’ve been hit or miss with that working so you can also find it by going in-game and look for “Zompacalypse Now” in the modded servers (the lightbulb) — don’t forget to favorite it to make it easy to find. Or by simply using IP address ‘’ and Port ‘11615’ at the bottom of that page.

Update: Online Map can be found here:

Update (Sep 19, 2016): The Alpha 15 Experimental patch is currently out! When it goes to a full release for Alpha 15, I’ll be updating the server for that. I’ll probably include not just a bigger world (thinking either 1500 or 2000 vs 1000 it is now) but also a new world seed so it’ll be laid out different (and hopefully not an underwater city this time, heh). No real ETA on that since it depends on the a15e testing but, outside of a few big bugs, it looks like its going really well!