Shadowbane: Throne of Oblivion

Status: Released December 2004
Platform: PC

Shadowbane: Throne of Oblivion is the second expansion pack for Shadowbane. Ithriana, the ancient and powerful Lich-Queen, has seized the sword of Shadowbane. As legions of vampires, shades, and ghouls teem from her realm of Oblivion, mighty new powers and classes must rise to defy them.


New vampire race and disciplines: Taste the seductive power of playing as a vampire – and breed virtual sub-races through Vampire Bloodlines disciplines.

  • Enhanced siege engines, buildings, and roles: Mount weapons on towers, command battering rams, construct archery towers, and magically fortify or sabotage buildings.
  • New and updated classes: Stalk vampires as a formidable Slayer, unleash hordes of undead pets as a Necromancer, or wield daunting new powers in five updated classes.
  • More vast, perilous realms: Brave three massive new adventure zones crawling with monstrous foes.
  • All three games in one: Explore Shadowbane and the Rise of Chaos expansion, included free inside.

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