The Banner Saga: Factions

Factions is a free multiplayer release of The Banner Saga, a role-playing, turn-based strategy game putting you in control of a clan of battle-hardened viking warriors.

Build your customizable team of fighters from an ever-growing roster and battle online against friends and enemies across gorgeous landscapes in combat that feels like nothing you’ve played before.

Build Your Team
In Factions you don’t just play one character; you name, upgrade, and build an entire clan of warriors. Earn Renown for each kill you make in combat, win or lose, and use it to train your characters in the Proving Grounds, forging your own unique strategies for the next fight.

Real Tactical Combat
Most strategy games give you dozens of ways to do the same thing. Factions features an original combat system that hasn’t been seen before in strategy games, emphasizing real choice over random chance. When you win, it’s because you were better.

Art for the Sake of Art
Inspired by American master Eyvind Earle, the look of The Banner Saga is a mature art style you won’t find in other games. Each character you command is a living person, painstakingly hand-animated in the style of classic animated films.

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