Shadowbane Lore

While I may have assisted in some of this, the majority of the Shadowbane Lore was written by Sam “Meridian” Johnson. I’m a huge fan of a lot of the story and flavor background for Aerynth so wanted to make sure they weren’t lost in cyberspace.

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Every day the blackened sun rises, an inescapable legacy of the Treacherous Stroke and the Turning that followed after. In the daytime sky, history has been made real – its impact is inescapable. Alas, the Turning is one of the few events in history that is recorded with any accuracy. The War of Tears and the War of the Scourge before it have killed far too many loremasters and destroyed too many records. Only the haziest outline of the Ages before this survives, preserved in a few meager fragments of history jealously guarded by prelates, scholars, and magi. Those who would seek to understand our World and the strife that has shattered it must cultivate an understanding of the past, but this is no easy task. An understanding of the past could hold the key to ending the conflicts and troubles that plague the present. Unfortunately, too many historical researchers seek power instead of wisdom or understanding, scouring ancient records for the locations of lost treasures or the secrets of forgotten magic. Within these pages, the secrets of the past may be revealed to a learned eye!

The following sections are available:

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