My Shadowbane Stories

This is a short collection of stories I wrote while playing Shadowbane.

  • Death of Ashen Temper – Story written by Sam ‘Meridian’ Johnson commemorating my last days on Shadowbane
  • Rauko’draug – My Ranger in the Undead Lords guild
  • Molpadia – My Huntress in the Amazon Guild Ama’Zeo
  • Vayle Syndur – My first character in the realm of Aerynth
  • Illustriel – My first Feature Character during the Beta Test of Shadowbane
  • The Fallen – The origin of the guild known as the Order of the Fallen

2 thoughts on “Shadowbane

  1. AvatarRoma Fireheart

    Ashen, It’s me Roma Fireheart from Shadowbane. I hope you’ve been well!

    I was remembering Shadowbane and cannot seem to remember what books the lore was based on.
    I attempted to search the interwebs but it seems to be flooded with absolutely nothing relevant. Do you remember?

    1. AvatarSeanDahlberg Post author

      Hey Roma! How’s it going? Do you mean the book (IRL) that Meridian was interested in? I mean, there was a bit of Game of Thrones in there as well as Wheel of Time, but I think you’ll see the heaviest comes from old (real world) mythology.


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